Business and Institutional Furniture


VPC Group Inc. is a leading supplier to the contract manufacturing industry.  Being able to deliver your vision through our production according to your specifications is where we excel.  Our Everform division offers both superior value and exceptional service through our best-in-class contract seating manufacturing facilities.  This ensures that you as a customer can receive the best quality at the best possible price.

Part of our manufacturing process includes our Integral Skin (iskin) line of foam offerings.  Integral skin is a one step process which transforms liquid chemistry into a finished product with a durable outer skin and foam based inner core.  This allows us the capabilities of making components as soft as gel or as firm as nails.

Attention to detail exists in all elements of the design, construction and implementation of our customer’s vision.  Our experienced team will work with you from initial concept through to first off production to ensure your design signature is realized in the finished product.  Our expertly designed, custom built pieces provide a resonating feeling of quality and distinction which leads to a positive branding experience. Everform is committed to extraordinary quality coupled with a high standard of service as we continue to succeed in exceeding our customer’s expectations.