Polyurethane Flexible Foam

polyurethane-couch-1 VPC Group Inc. has been a supplier to Canada’s Furniture manufacturers for over 50 years.

As furniture specialists, VPC Group Inc. produces a full range of foams designed specifically for the bedding and  furniture industry that include our brand of ULTRA™ foams and other regular conventional foams. We can help you determine the best grades, designs, and construction processes for your needs.

polyurethane-couch-2On the furniture side, our “Full Kit “ordering options include all of the foam pieces required to complete a piece of furniture, not just fibre wrapped seats. We can create unique furniture designs, deluxe “Feather” Seating design/manufacturing and complete assembly processes especially for high-end furniture manufacturers.

Our bedding group specializes in determining how certain foam types can create supportive sleep solutions by selecting from our various sleep grade foam options.  Our expertise in construction will allow you to pick the affordable sleep design without sacrificing foam comfort.  All our foams undergo compression testing. That allows us to be safe in the knowledge that our “Bed in a box” programs will stand up to the rigours of compression roll packing.