The VPC Group

Discover why VPC is a leader of foam and fibre manufacturing in North America.


Who We Are

VPC Group is a fully vertical-integrated foam and fibre manufacturer servicing the North American market from 12 strategic locations. We pour foam and process fibre, and use these components in the manufacture of finished goods for the bedding, furniture, craft, medical and industrial sectors.

VPC offers a complete line of fabricated and high reliance moulded foam products. We produce all types of foam from commodity to high resiliency specific to industry requirements. We also provide custom cut and lamination services, including foam to foam, foam to wood, foam to plastic and foam to fibre.

We are dedicated to provide exceptional service and quality products by leveraging our footprint, and technology. We believe in partnerships with all our valued customers to provide innovative solutions at affordable prices.
Peter Farah, President & CEO

Our prime directives are to:

  • Provide quality foam and fibre products, a superior customer experience and exceptional value for all the markets we serve.
  • Create open leadership and a positive work experience for employees for customers and other stakeholders.
  • Empower our people to commit to operational excellence and innovation.

VPC’s beginnings can be traced back to fabrication in 1958. It was started as a private family business and expanded into foaming operations followed by fibre production. As our timeline shows, we have continued to expand ever since. Through our association with a global leader in urethane conversion and our acquisition of Valle Foam Ltd, VPC has grown to become Canada’s leading manufacturer of urethane foam products for the furniture, bedding and flooring industry.

To maintain a lead in the industry, VPC believes in the important use of technologically advanced methods to deliver exceptional products and superior value to our customers.


Our Divisions

Flexible Polyurethane Foam

VPC manufactures all types of flexible polyurethane foam for use in furniture, bedding and industrial applications, including packaging, medical, industrial and a full range of memory foams. We also produce latex mattresses and toppers.

We also offer design and development services and advanced equipment to cut almost any shape. We pride ourselves on delivering fabricated foam in any quantity, size, and shape to a variety of industries.

We service markets across North American from our full-service fabrication facilities in Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, & Vancouver.



VPC’s fibre divisions have been operating in the non-wovens markets since 1976. We currently have production facilities in Montréal, Toronto, and Winnipeg.

Over many years, VPC established excellent working relationships with machinery manufacturers, fibre and resin suppliers, and tertiary suppliers. These strong collaborative connections allow us to provide our clients with a comprehensive line of products that cross multiple industries.

Our manufacturing process utilizes the latest technology, equipment, and advanced quality control procedures to ensure the utmost in product and customer satisfaction.


Under the brand names Vitacare and EMP (Essential Medical Products), we are proud to be Canada’s leading manufacturer of quality medical foam products. For over 20 years, our products have found wide acceptance in hospitals, institutions, clinics and homes across the country and are readily available in Home Health Care stores across Canada. Our products are designed for performance and user comfort and our in-house design service can accommodate custom requirements. We take great pride in our quality, workmanship, and reliability to bring new, innovative foam and gel products to market that enhance the lives of both patients and healthcare practitioners. All products are made in Canada, with patient comfort in mind, and use the most environmentally friendly materials available.

Bonded Carpet Cushion

Our carpet cushion divisions have been in the Canadian bonded carpet cushion market since 1975. With locations in both Calgary and Toronto, we service customer needs across Canada and into the U.S. Our carpet cushion line is called ECOBond™, and we carry a variety of Rebond carpet cushion options in both locations. We also work with our customers to manufacture and produce high volume customer branded options where required.

Carpet cushion helps to insulate your floors and significantly extend the life of your carpets. We also use 100% recycled materials in our products to comply with our environmental obligations.



VPC is pleased to announce that its full family of foams designed for the bedding industry including conventional, super soft and High Resiliency foams are now CertiPur-US certified. The CertiPUR-US standard was created for today’s environmentally conscious consumer, particularly in response to consumer demand for product safety standards and concern for indoor air quality.

CertiPUR-US is a program of the Alliance of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Inc. To meet the exact standards of the program, foam products are examined and put through a series of scientific tests, by internationally accredited, independent laboratories. The standards include low emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality, made without mercury, lead, heavy metals or formaldehyde, and also made without ozone depleter (no CFCs), methylene chloride, PBDEs or prohibited phthalates. The tests also evaluate foam content and important durability factors.

Our CeriPUR-US certification ensures product quality, durability and safety.