Our Products

Constantly improving to better serve our customers.


Our Diverse Product Assortment

At VPC, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt our manufacturing capabilities to produce a wide variety of products to suit the demands to today’s marketplace. Our foundation has always been rooted in engineering – solving problems with the most logical and efficient manner with a clearly-defined result. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities. This is reflected in our diverse array of product offerings.

Polyurethane Flexible Foam

VPC produces a full range of foams designed specifically for the bedding, furniture, medical, and industrial sectors. We collaborate with our customers to determine the best grades, designs, and construction processes for their needs.


Polyester Fibre and F.R. Fibres

We produce nonwoven fibre batting from unique and specialized low temperature fibre blends of wool, silk or even cashmere for use in the upholstery, bedding and filtration markets. We also make a specialized FR fibre for use in bedding construction. Our batting is available as vacuum-packed rolls, cut-to-size components, or in combination with any of our foam products.


Carpet Cushion

VPC produces category-leading carpet cushion to make your carpet feel luxurious with every step. Our innovative product enhances your carpet’s durability and just-like-new look.


We have the ability to pivot and create custom products very quickly. This capability allows us to go above and beyond to meet our customer's needs.
FRANK DONATO, executive vice president