Our Team

VPC looks to the future with a commitment of sustainable growth and strong culture of serving our people and customers.



Peter Farah

President & Chief Executive Officer

Frank Donato

Executive Vice President

Martin Farah

Vice President, Operations

Joe Estriga

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Franco

Director, Human Resources

Janice Lahti

Vice President, Safety and Human Resources

Eric Besner

General Manager, Comfort Products

Steve Betts

General Manager

Michael Calderoni

General Manager

Carlo Marsillo

General Manager

Dorin Neagu

Director, IT

Steve Pendock

General Manager, Rebond

Frank Roncadin

General Manager

Jeff Saunderson

Director, Health and Safety

Vikas Sharma

Director, Engineering

Steven Soares

Director, Sales

Our most important assets – Our People


From coast to coast, VPC employs over 800 men and women. We recognize the value and contribution of each individual within our organization, and are proud to have employees who have been part of the VPC family for 25, 35, and over 40 years.

We are committed to providing our employees with a stimulating, healthy and safe workplace. We foster a sense of belonging by encouraging teamwork. We value and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit by supporting employee initiatives that contribute to our collective success.