Working at VPC

 VPC offers a positive work experience for employees by providing them with a safe work environment and opportunities for growth. 

Working at VPC

A culture of respect, innovation, and opportunity.

Our success is built on strong leadership, unwavering commitment, and absolute integrity and respect in every team, at every location. VPC strives everyday to ensure a healthy and safe workplace that complies with and exceeds all safety regulations. Our employees are the heart and soul of our company, and our success is driven by their continued initiative and enduring commitment to produce the highest quality products. We pride ourselves in nurturing a corporate environment that embraces initiative and fosters personal development. A position at VPC is more than a job… it’s an opportunity.

A supportive & respectful environment

Nurturing diversity and inclusion, championing human rights, promoting safe work environments and supporting our communities form the foundation for our social responsibility efforts. Every day, VPC strives to be better. To ensure that VPC achieves equality, we cultivate an inclusive environment where all employees feel accepted and are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work. We appreciate and respect diverse perspectives and experiences. All are valued. Everyone is welcomed.

Opportunities for Growth

Students, new graduates or seasoned professionals will find a career fit at VPC. Our diverse business provides opportunities for training and experience in engineering, human resources, sales, freight & logistics, research and development and more. We strive to positively impact the lives of our employees and train future leaders of VPC.

Internship Programs

We offer training programs for interns and co-op students from colleges and universities across Canada. We help them expand existing talents, gain new skills and apply that knowledge in their career area. Work terms range from 4 to 16 months and can be adapted to fit most semester schedules. From the first day at VPC, we want everyone to feel part of a meaningful enterprise.

New Immigrants

The skills that immigrants bring to Canada play a crucial role in driving Canadian economy forward. As an employer, we offer these newcomers the support they need to pursue fulfilling careers in VPC facilities across Canada.

Supervisor Training Programs

VPC provides specialized training for new and existing members of our supervision teams, including specialized modules for Health and Safety, Production and Operations, and Human Resources. This helps our supervisors develop as leaders, encourage and motivate their teams, and operate effectively and, most importantly, safely.

Tuition Re-Imbursement

We encourage VPC employees to keep growing and learning. Employees can be reimbursed for work-related courses they need to attain their career objectives.

Helping our Communities
Workplace Safety
Covid-19 Protocols
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Supporting our Employees
Promoting Professional Development
Working at VPC

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Flexibility & Adaptability

Hybrid Model

Over the last year, the global pandemic has presented profound challenges — for the world, for our industry, for our own families. We are proud and grateful to see how the people of VPC have looked out for each other. That is why we are pleased to offer a hybrid work model for our office-based colleagues nationwide. It includes enhanced flexibility for office employees to work from home when feasible. Managers will decide when in-person collaboration is necessary. This work model will help our employee morale and energize us all to stay true to our mission of reliable service to our customers.

Part-time Employment Opportunity

Part-time employment allows students to meet their obligations to home and family as they pursue higher education. VPC values their work with us, and strives to help them cope with the pressures of studies and adjusting to an academic environment.

Covid-19 Compliance

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have worked hard to keep our employees safe and a few steps ahead of the curve. We were proactive, putting protocols in place such as alternate schedules and adjusted work environments to accommodate social distancing. We help our employees get their vaccinations, and take care of them when they need it most, often giving more than is expected, just as they do for us. In times of stress, we empower our employees to focus on their well-being rather than worry about work. We do everything we can to ensure that everyone, including our customers, our suppliers and our employees, are protected and safe.

Employee Well-Being

VPC employees enjoy comprehensive benefits, including access to Extended Health, Dental, Prescription Drug, Life/Disability Insurance and Retirement Savings Plans, which features a company-match Profit Sharing component for all participants. Our Employee Assistance Program provides access to resources and professional help for mental health and well-being concerns. VPC regularly challenges our team members to stay active by sponsoring a variety of sports/recreation activities, and has launched other initiatives to encourage healthy lifestyles.



VPC offers a wide array of employee benefits

Employee Assistance Program
Dental Care
Extended Health Care
Vision Care
Paid Vacation
RRSP Match
Tuition Reimbursement
Wellness Program