Our Capabilities

VPC is a vertically-integrated solution provider.


Operational Excellence

The VPC Group is the largest foam and fibre manufacturer in Canada. Our success hasn’t come by accident – every process in every facility is streamlined from product sourcing to final delivery. In an era when many manufacturers have difficulty supporting the claims they make about their capabilities – VPC stands apart. Our operations are founded on solid engineering principles: we define the problem, do the research, brainstorm, evaluate and clearly define a range of solutions.

Our methods also allow us to adapt quickly to market demands. We love rush orders! We welcome the challenges they present because we know our production capabilities are sound and ready in advance. We are confident we can be there when our customers need us.

Stable quality manufacturing demands purchasing from reputable sources, investment in equipment, and constant checks and balances in the manufacturing stage. At VPC, we are committed to each other, our suppliers and customers. Every decision we make is an investment in streamlined production and improved efficiency. We work as a team to understand our customers’ needs, show them respect, and empower our employees.

By focusing on long-term goals rather than short-term gains, we get results the right way. This is the VPC difference.


Our production capabilities allow us to quickly adapt and prepare custom solutions for our clients.

Customer Experience

Open communication builds customer confidence. We guarantee open access and a prompt response to all customer queries at every stage of production. This supports our promise to deliver the right product at the right time – every time.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Raw Material Sourcing

Quality products require a reliable supply of environmentally safe raw materials. To maintain our robust supply chain, our sourcing team works with a global network of trusted suppliers. This cooperation is key to our success.

Ethical sourcing to ensure the best product.

Research & Development

Our onsite laboratories test all aspects of production. We monitor advances in technology to improve design, streamline production, reduce waste and optimize shipping. To help the planet, our customers, and employee safety.

Innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Product Fabrication

We don’t just build concepts, we build products you can feel and experience. Our leadership team’s background is in product development and engineering. We don’t sell anything we can’t produce.

Quality control built in at every level.

Assembly & Packaging

Using state-of-the-art technologies, we ensure the most consistent and cost-effective packaging solutions. We are committed to maintaining our customers’ brand equity with the highest quality packaged goods.

Products compressed to optimize shipping.

Shipping & Logistics

We offer fast, economical, and sustainable shipping to the entire North American market. Our sophisticated logistics software allows customers to track orders from our door to theirs.

Delivered on time, every time.